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First teams of nations cup 2010 written by Cpmnations, 2010-08-16 22:52 CEST (16 comments)

Rules added

Cup will start at the end of September.
Czechoslovakia (contact channel #promode.cz): neverGreen (c), crapper, laachta, dloob, jocko
Poland (contact channel #vandalbrothers): majan (c), scoti, bsr, west, afgh, venom, wap, sivek
Poland 2 (contact channel #cpm.nations): DRC(c), Dzuki, Pod1, Dziad, vand4l, Asic
Russia (contact channel #promode.ru): pikoh (c), sl1mka, xano0ch, CAiNE
Russia 2 (contact channel #promode.ru): mads (c), 34, VBart, kuso, bomber, d4, eThaD, lisk
Germany (contact channel #cpm.de): nekon, ruffy, jgl, tmp, pan, ele, has3, damn
Finland (contact channel #cpma.fi): ahxnxa (c), lugia, pada, SOPPQ, gaiia, Varma, frozn, endi
Sweden (contact channel #ru8): flfuf (c), funnyb, reptile, link, snapcase, gnz, rokky, voodoochopstiks(coach)
Sweden 2 (contact channel #cpm.nations): amph (c), blaze, mshi, zezorn, wogge
United Kingdom (contact channel #cpm.nations): Drexciyian (c), ddk, nvc, sd, fatola, panic, 8bitlobster, emp^y
Team NA (contact channel #cpm.nations): wonko(c), kwong, bgs, mesta, ian, entik
France (contact channel #cpm.nations): Jean_Claude (c), B6, chew, Rizla, anatase, sansai (coach)
BuRussia: kreed, hoyden, n0rz, HAL_9000, LastBreath (coach)

If you can get your nation team, and i haven't contacted you, then /q ethad @ quakenet. Do not forget, if you have players who want to represent your country, but they are not enough for full line-up, you can join up with other country.
Teams i'd like to see playing in this cup:
Bulgaria + some1
Denmark + Norway maybe?

CPM TDM Nations Cup 2010 written by Cpmnations, 2010-06-03 13:28 CEST (3 comments)

Hello everone!
I'm proud to announce TDM NC 2010. It will take place this autumn, starting September 2nd-3rd week. All the rules will be the same as those were last year. Maybe map-pool will be changed a little, but i'm still not sure about that. Announce was made so early, so you could form teams and start practicing as soon as possible.
Now, the most important thing: we can't play nations cup without teams, so to form ones we will need captains. If someone wants to take captain's spot of his nation team - please contact eThaD @ irc.quakenet.org. Our official channel is #cpm.nations. You can always find me there.
Note: 'Smaller' nations, who cannot form a team themselves, can unite with other nation. For example, Austria and Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia, etc. Also if there is a possibility, two line-ups of the same nation can be formed as it was last years with Poland.

Carelessness written by Cpmnations, 2009-06-01 23:09 CEST (16 comments)

Due to total not wanting to play 3 teams were banned @ quarter-finals stage: Germany1, Poland and Sweden2. This means that Sweden1 is already in finals, congratulations! Also this week we've seen very close and intresting game between Bulgaria and Russia3 and the game where Sweden1 crashed their opponents Denmark very hard.
Demos of the 1st game you can find here [esreality.com], of the second here [challenge-tv.com].
Thanks to active teams for playing. NOW, the game that should be played this week, until 6.06.2009:
Russia1 (ssh-l, hoyden, oxid) VS Bulgaria (hal_9000, n0rz, grF)

Schedule your game asap guys, so we could announce it properly.

EDIT: After everyone was banned, players started to react and finished all the games in 2 days. We already know the 1st finalist - its Bulgaria. Second one will be decided at this weekend in the match between Sweden1 and Sweden2
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