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CPM TDM Nations Cup 2010 written by Cpmnations, 2010-06-03 13:28 CEST (3 comments)

Hello everone!
I'm proud to announce TDM NC 2010. It will take place this autumn, starting September 2nd-3rd week. All the rules will be the same as those were last year. Maybe map-pool will be changed a little, but i'm still not sure about that. Announce was made so early, so you could form teams and start practicing as soon as possible.
Now, the most important thing: we can't play nations cup without teams, so to form ones we will need captains. If someone wants to take captain's spot of his nation team - please contact eThaD @ irc.quakenet.org. Our official channel is #cpm.nations. You can always find me there.
Note: 'Smaller' nations, who cannot form a team themselves, can unite with other nation. For example, Austria and Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia, etc. Also if there is a possibility, two line-ups of the same nation can be formed as it was last years with Poland.
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