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Game: Quake 3 Arena
Mod: Challenge ProMode arena 1.48
Gameplay: CPM (promode 2)
Map pool: cpm4a, cpm18r, cpm21, cpm26, cpm27, nodm18 [q3a.ath.cx], ospdm5a [q3a.ath.cx].
Tournament System: Explained here [spreadsheets.google.com]
Match system: in the group - best of 3. In play-off - best of 5.
Map picks: Coin is flipped. Loser drops the first map. When one map is left - match starts on this map. Then loser pick. It means that next map is being picked by loser team from the maps left in mappool. Same map cannot be played two times in the same match.
Server pick: The server with more or less equal average pings should be chosen to play. If there are 2 servers with equal average pings, and at one of them average ping is reached because one of player has a huge ping, then match should be played at another server.
Warps: Warping players should be mannered and not attend the match/tournament.
Teams: It is recommended for all the captains to stay at #cpm.nations channel. Maximal count of players in the teams - 8.
You are not allowed to shoot the opponent when he freezes (has 999 ping) - instead you must call a timeout.
Before doing a timein confirm that your opponents are ready.
Don't call timeouts unless critical.
Speak english.
Play matches till the end. Do not vote next map in the middle of the game.
Do not troll, rage or whine. If you want to talk, call a timeout.
Turn off any downloads, uploads, torrents etc.
Don't miss your games. If you aren't able to play - send a message to the referee and opponent and reschedule asap.
No spectators are allowed. We will provide a GTV.
Cheats are not allowed.
Banned Players: -
Tournament start date: 27.09.2010
Tournament Length: One match is played per week. It means 3 weeks for a group matches, and 3 more for play-off.
Admins: eThaD, blazeh
Referees: velez, infe, neverGreen, gaiia
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