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First teams of nations cup 2010 written by Cpmnations, 2010-08-16 22:52 CEST (16 comments)

Rules added

Cup will start at the end of September.
Czechoslovakia (contact channel #promode.cz): neverGreen (c), crapper, laachta, dloob, jocko
Poland (contact channel #vandalbrothers): majan (c), scoti, bsr, west, afgh, venom, wap, sivek
Poland 2 (contact channel #cpm.nations): DRC(c), Dzuki, Pod1, Dziad, vand4l, Asic
Russia (contact channel #promode.ru): pikoh (c), sl1mka, xano0ch, CAiNE
Russia 2 (contact channel #promode.ru): mads (c), 34, VBart, kuso, bomber, d4, eThaD, lisk
Germany (contact channel #cpm.de): nekon, ruffy, jgl, tmp, pan, ele, has3, damn
Finland (contact channel #cpma.fi): ahxnxa (c), lugia, pada, SOPPQ, gaiia, Varma, frozn, endi
Sweden (contact channel #ru8): flfuf (c), funnyb, reptile, link, snapcase, gnz, rokky, voodoochopstiks(coach)
Sweden 2 (contact channel #cpm.nations): amph (c), blaze, mshi, zezorn, wogge
United Kingdom (contact channel #cpm.nations): Drexciyian (c), ddk, nvc, sd, fatola, panic, 8bitlobster, emp^y
Team NA (contact channel #cpm.nations): wonko(c), kwong, bgs, mesta, ian, entik
France (contact channel #cpm.nations): Jean_Claude (c), B6, chew, Rizla, anatase, sansai (coach)
BuRussia: kreed, hoyden, n0rz, HAL_9000, LastBreath (coach)

If you can get your nation team, and i haven't contacted you, then /q ethad @ quakenet. Do not forget, if you have players who want to represent your country, but they are not enough for full line-up, you can join up with other country.
Teams i'd like to see playing in this cup:
Bulgaria + some1
Denmark + Norway maybe?
#2 written by Anonymous (guhard), 9 years, 10 months ago
venom and scoti - ROTFL
plus nobody asked me to play so dunno why my nick is there
#3 written by Cpmnations, 9 years, 10 months ago
Why so agressive?
#4 written by Anonymous (neverGreen), 9 years, 10 months ago
i sence anger in you guhard
#5 written by shadow, 9 years, 10 months ago
guhard is always angry ^^
#6 written by Anonymous (majan), 9 years, 10 months ago
hmmm i add U to lineup but shad shay that ask u and i dont want to play :/ so i dont know :D
#7 written by Anonymous (dzuki), 9 years, 10 months ago
proland 2 coming, bitches : D
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