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Cpm 2v2 NATIONSCUP Week 3! written by Cpmnations, 2009-04-27 21:15 CEST (0 comments)

This is gonna be the worlds most uninteresting post ever. But still here's the games you have to play before 4/5. Tell me(blaze) or ethad AS SOON AS YOU SCHEDULED THE GAME.

Round 4
Poland vs Czech Republic 1
Russia 2 vs Bulgaria
Germany 1 vs Cyprus
Spain vs Denmark 1
United Kingdom 1 < Germany 2 (def win)
Sweden 2 vs Russia 1
Turkey vs Russia 3
Immigrants vs Sweden 1

That's it. And those who haven't played the games from the last two weeks do it or get kicked out, your choice.

Cpm 2v2 NATIONSCUP Week 1+2! written by Cpmnations, 2009-04-15 14:40 CEST (0 comments)

So the first two weeks we'll see a lot of games! Each team will play 3 games during these two weeks. So it's time to start scheduling.
As usual tell me or ethad ASAP when you scheduled the game. It's close to impossible for us to run this event otherwise.

(Since every group has 5 teams one team has to sit out every round. That causes that some teams will just have to play 2 games these weeks)

Round 1
Poland < Bulgaria
Portugal < Russia 2 (demos: 1 [challenge-tv.com]2 [challenge-tv.com])
Germany 1 > Denmark 1 (demos: 1 [challenge-tv.com]2 [challenge-tv.com])
Czech Republic 2 vs Spain 1 (demos: 1 [challenge-tv.com]2 [challenge-tv.com])
United Kingdom < Russia 1 (demos: 1 [challenge-tv.com]2 [challenge-tv.com])
France < Sweden 2 ((demos: 1 [challenge-tv.com]2 [challenge-tv.com]3 [challenge-tv.com])
Turkey < Sweden 1 (demos: 1 [challenge-tv.com]2 [challenge-tv.com])
Denmark 2 vs Immigrants @ Sunday ~ 22 cet
Round 2
Portugal < Bulgaria w/o
Czech Republic 1 vs Russia 2
Czech Republic 2 vs Denmark 1
Cyprus vs Spain
France vs Russia 1 @ Monday 20.00 CET
Germany 2 vs Sweden 2
Denmark 2 vs Sweden 1
Russia 3 vs Immigrants @ Saturday @ 19 cet
Round 3
Poland 1 vs Portugal
Czech Republic 1 vs Bulgaria
Germany 1 vs Czech Republic 2
Cyprus vs Denmark 1
United Kingdom vs France (demos: 1 [challenge-tv.com]2 [challenge-tv.com])
Germany 2 vs Russia 1
Turkey 1 vs Denmark 2
Russia 3 < Sweden 1 (demos: 1 [challenge-tv.com]2 [challenge-tv.com])


CPM 2v2 TDM Starting written by Cpmnations, 2009-04-15 14:30 CEST (0 comments)

Next monday (13/4) the 2v2 version of the Nationscup kicks in with 20 teams fighting for the pride left in CPM.
Since the teams only need 2 players to get a game going we thought we'd speed things up and make you play 3 games per 2 weeks.
First two weeks schedule can be found here! [esreality.com]

Master Seed:
Sweden 1
United Kingdom
Denmark 1
High Seed
Russia 1
Germany 1
Turkey 1
Mid Seed
Sweden 2
Russia 2
Denmark 2
Czech Republic 2
Low Seed
Russia 3
Germany 2
Czech Republic 1
No Seed]

Group A
Sweden 1
Russia 3
Denmark 2
Turkey 1
Group B
Russia 1
Sweden 2
Germany 2
United Kingdom
Group C
Denmark 1
Czech Republic 2
Germany 1
Group D
Russia 2
Czech Republic 1
Poland 1

Team Members
Sweden1: fluff, funnyb, Reptile
Sweden2: SKEF, lukrek, xrg
Poland1: guhard, west, bsr
Bulgaria: HAL9000, Nzr0, grF
Cyprus: shadow, panic
United Kingdom1: luke, sd, mted
France1: Photon, Rizla, chew
Russia 1: hoyden, ssh-l, oxid
Russia 2: sl1m, CAiNE, xan
Russia 3: eThaD, moonsh1ne, toy
Denmark 1: Vium, light
Denmark 2: ilu, pcb, link
Portugal: frozt, silver
Spain: Memphis, Laguna
Germany 1: syl, nekon, sbs
Germany 2: ele, rDmr, pan
Turkey: TheDynamite, sanchi, elros
Czech Republic 1: crapper, laachta, kojot
Czech Republic 2: neverGreen, Dloob, Flanker
Immigrants: wonko, mesta, bgs

Tournament structure: Groups -> Single elimination

Players contact each other using IRC (A players irc nick must be the same as his registered nick). The official channel of the tournament is #cpm.nations . So, we are really bored of game delays and kicking captains' asses. This time if you wont schedule your game before stated date, you will get w/o loose. If both teams are inactive, they will get w/o lose. After getting 2nd w/o team is removed from the cup.

Map pick:
Teams flip a coin (/cv random 2). Winner chooses who takes the 1st map. The chosen team picks a map first, then the other team picks. (Picks must be made before the first game). If the result is 1:1, the team with the most frags from both maps chooses who drops a map first. The last remaining map is played. After the game send a message with the results (maps and scores) to the head admin.
Map pool : cpm16, cpm25, cpm29, xfdm2 [sendspace.com] , pukka3dm1 [lvlworld.com]

Main rules:
No coaches are allowed
Any server matching the following criteria may be used :
Has Challenge promode arena 1.46.
Cpm physics are allowed.
2v2 mode is allowed.
Has maps.
Try to get a referee to write demos (preferably mvd with subsequent upload to challenge-tv.com) and make an end-game scores screenshot.
Default gameplay rules (cv gameplay cpm, cv mode 2v2)

You are not allowed to shoot the opponent when he freezes (has 999 ping) - instead you must call a timeout.
Before doing a timein confirm that your opponents are ready.
Don't call timeouts unless critical.
Speak english.
Play matches till the end. Do not vote next map in the middle of the game.

Do not troll, rage or whine. If you want to talk, call a timeout.
Do not warp.
Turn off any downloads, uploads, torrents etc.
Don't miss your games. If you aren't able to play - send a message to the referee and opponent and reschedule asap.
No spectators are allowed. We will provide a GTV.
Cheats are not allowed.

Head admins: eThaD, blazeh
Referees: luke, gaiia, mshi, Keks

I'd like to remind every team that to have at least one player in #cpm.nations to make the scheduling smooth. Before we start I'd like to hand out a round of applauses to the refs helping us with the event and the few admining here at ESR.
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